Boba Fett Apron

$18.78 on Amazon
The Boba Fett apron is an officially licensed star wars product. Do you have a husband that likes to cook or maybe a son? You could just be a major star wars fan or run your very own star wars fan club. Either way it's very cool to cook in if you are fan of the movie.

The apron itself is simple. it is easy to put on and take off, with a neck strap and two strings to tie around the back. The apron makes it easy to slip on and get to cooking. Imagine your a major star wars fan, your getting ready to cook your families favorite meal on movie night. What better way to do this than while wearing your Boba Fett apron.

I grew up watching star wars and Boba Fett was great. I almost wish they would have came out with this apron a long time ago. It would have been epic if I could have done my daily Star Wars routine wearing this apron. I would always cook a big meal before watching Star Wars because it was such a long movie. Some times it would be lasagna or baked ziti, pretty much any thing that filled your belly to the max and helped you fall asleep at the end of the film. Most likely I would have cooked, watched the movie and fell asleep all wearing my Boba Fett apron.

With the apron being thin it makes it so it's not to hot to wear while you cook. It is one hundred percent USA made. It is also one hundred percent cotton. This not only makes a great gift but you can be creative with it also. Need a silly Halloween costume? Use your boba fett apron it will work well. No matter what you plan to do with the apron it serves its purpose to the fullest.