LEGO Luggage Tag

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Minimize the loss of bags and personal belongings with a LEGO luggage tags. These tags are made in a number of colors which include red, yellow, green, and blue. Perfect for the old and young alike, they assure that your possessions are marked and can be identified easily.

All Fans Will Love Them

Whether the individual is young or old, has just been introduced to the LEGO brand, or has been a fan for many years, these are the ticket to fan satisfaction. Made to look like real LEGO blocks they are easy to clip on to luggage, backpacks, and all sorts of bags and boxes that need identifiers.

Simply write personal information on the back of the tag, slide the tag shut, and you are good to go. Great embellishments that will be the focus of small talk or simply the envy of classroom friends. Everyone will love these tags for their functionality and universal appeal.


Reviews have stated that these tags will hold up to strenuous wear and tear. Many have stated that they have used them on many a flight, only to find that they are still secure and no wear shown. Make sure that your luggage is easy to find and well marked with a LEGO luggage tag.

A strap is include in the manufacture of the tag as well, which makes it easy to attached and take off of luggage and switch to another bag. The strap may appear tp be rather thin, but it has shown in user applications that it will withstand a great deal of stress.

Durable and fashionable is what makes these tags the perfect choice for any LEGO fan, and of those who want a product that is well worth the price. Lego also offers a full line of products that can compliment these tags, such as stickers and buttons.