Phone Sanitizer & Charger

Phone Sanitizer & Charger
$64.95 on Amazon
The average person is carrying around a device that is loaded with contamination. They use that contaminated product on a daily basis. They even share the contaminated item with unsuspecting friends and associates. That contaminated item is the cell-phone that you carry around with you every day.

Do you clean your cell-phone regularly? Most people do not take the time to wipe down their phone with germicide pads or even soap and water. Furthermore, they are innocently spreading germs to those around them. However, the Phone Sanitizer & Charger will strike that bacteria on your mobile phone down.

Let's take a look at the Phone Sanitizer & Charger. This is a universal cellphone charger and sanitizer in one. A universal cellphone charger should work with most Android and iPhone's. It is packaged with a micro USB cord. The device requires a USB port to charge the cellphone.

This product is one of a kind. Imagine plugging in your cellphone, charging, and killing nasty germs. Check out the casing that opens up to reveal an ultraviolet lamp. The charger has a curved surface that keeps the blue LED lights directed against the phone that is inside the case. The product runs about 5 minutes and then shuts down automatically.

The Phone Sanitizer & Charger is a great idea, but there is more. The product is also an Acoustic Audio Amplifier. Supposedly, you will be able to hear notifications while your phone is charging. The product only weights 1.5 pounds. Dimensions are 6 L x 3.74 W x .78 H. Perfect size for most mobile phones.

Anyone that is worried about germs on their mobile device, should get this product. The Phone Sanitizer & Charger is a great idea for people worried about germs, but hesitant to use germicide products on their mobile device.