Brain Controlled Helicopter

Brain Controlled Helicopter
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The Puzzlebox Orbit Mobile Edition presents its user with a unique opportunity to move an object using only thoughts. On top of its already engaging premise, the device also boasts an entirely open source software base, and a sleek robust design. The device is something that can appeal to something in everyone; from a child wanting to neat new toy, to a Neuroscientist looking for a device for his latest experiment.

The device itself has an aesthetically sleek and pleasing design that doubles as a protective cage. It has a couple of blades for lift in the center of it, a small engine at the bottom, and a sphere surrounding the entire contraption. The finished product is a small spherical helicopter that can maneuver with just as much finesse as a typical design, but with the added bonus of a sturdy exoskeleton that protects the finer machinery from breaking upon impact.

The actual guts of the machinery is where the true magic lies. Packaged with the helicopter is an EEG headset that can read its wearers brainwaves and send them to a local smart device over Bluetooth to be analyzed. The device then can send directions to the helicopter via an infrared attachment, the end result of which is a low latency, mind controlled flight that delivers its data straight to your phone.

The beauty of the mobile design packaged with the open source software is that one can completely modify the process to fit whatever needs they may have. One can designate predefined flight paths that correspond to a specific emotion, or even export the brain wave data and study it somewhere else. The device can even be used as a learning experience into new neuroscience tech, as the company that released this device puts out free video tutorials online, ensuring that no matter who you are, the Puzzlebox Orbit truly has something for everyone.