Rotating Jupiter

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One of the first questions asked by early man concerned how the stars and planets were created and how they could stay suspended in space. Science has since answered many of these questions but you may find yourself wondering once again how it is done when you experience this Rotating Jupiter Globe.

This unique globe is a realistic depiction of the planet Jupiter. It is complete with all of the stunning colors and global rings that the actual planet displays including the famous "red eye" of Jupiter. Each ring of color is integrated with the unique patterns and formations that the actual planet's atmosphere and surface contains. It is a free to move piece that is housed on an attractive stand.

The stand that holds this sophisticated depiction of Jupiter is constructed of a high density plastic that is virtually invisible. The base of the stand is a circular design which echoes the circle of the globe itself. Rising from this base are three cylindrical posts. They are exiting the base at slight angles to create a perfect "nest" for the rotating Jupiter to rest upon securely.

The size of this globe is four and a half inches in diameter. This handy size makes this globe a great addition to many different locations and for many different people. The size of this globe makes it possible to display it on a desk, table, or case. It will not take up a lot of room while at the same time it delivers a sense of wonder and awe to all who enjoy it.

People who are interested in the planets, outer space, or globes will be very pleased with this rotating Jupiter globe. This beautiful realistic depiction of Jupiter rotating, is sure to be the beginning of many "star-studded" space conversations.