Dip Clips

Dip Clips
$5.99 on Amazon
Sometimes there are just too many
veggies to fit dip.
That's why there are these special
ring-around-the-plate dip clips!

With carrots, chips, or cauliflower,
celery, or fries,
now you'll always have the dip
for snack plates any size!

This a set of four dip clips. These things are great. You are able to clip them on to any plate and then fill them with dips, cheese, vegetables, milk, chocolate, or anything else that you'd want to put in a 1/3 cup clip on your plate. The set includes four vibrant colors: green, light yellow, dark yellow, and red. These puppies are safe in the dishwasher so you can just throw them in when you are done using them.

A User Review For You: "These aren't earth shattering technology or anything, but, they are very convenient. I am a big sauce person. I dip almost every night for dinner. Last night, I clipped two of these clips on to my plate. Barbeque sauce in the left clip. Mustard in the right clip. BOOM. Delicious. One day, I may clip three clips on at once!"