Truck Bed Organizer

Truck Bed Organizer
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The first time you see this truck bed organizer you'll say, "I want one!" Then you'll wonder how you ever lived without one. It's the answer to your outdoor-living catastrophes. You need a truck bed organizer.

You'll never again be humiliated because you have a flat tire, and after digging through the debris you discover you left the jack at home. From now on, sit back and enjoy the adventures of uncomplicated living.

Thwart theft - The old-fashioned days of handmade wooden tool boxes banging around or falling off the bed of your truck is over. If you've ever suffered multiple losses of construction tool thefts, it's time for a secure change. Lock up your tools in your drawer system and worry no more.

Security locks - No more lugging heavy tool boxes, chainsaws and other equipment to the locked garage. When you finish the workday, just lock the drawers. Your life will be instantly easier.

Durable construction - A steel frame and body constructed of high density polyethylene gives it a 2,000 pound load rating. However, the entire system weighs under 200 pounds.

Designed by engineers that know the rugged outdoors, it fits easily into the truck bed. No drilling is required, so the truck bed isn't modified with holes and bolts. Tie-downs hold the system in position.

Easy slide-in drawers - Aluminum handles and balanced craftsmanship allow the drawers to slide open even when heavily loaded. Drawers are manufactured to prevent a collision with the tailgate, and the sides are reinforced with edge and end guards. This added feature gives it more durability.

Close the drawer and all of the costly tools are locked safely out of sight. You also enjoy a neat and organized appearance to your new truck.

Raising the truck bed - The storage system raises the deck of your truck bed. The more storage area on top makes it possible to haul extra firewood, bicycles, ski equipment, camping accessories and more. It's the answer to an uncluttered life.

Add a camper top - A bed cap or shell, with windows and a rear hatch, turns your truck bed into a cozy camper. Add a mattress for comfort and store your camping supplies in the waterproof drawers. Lock everything up when you hike the trails.

Pull-out workstation - The easy to pull-out drawers keep everything within reach, and they can become your temporary work table. Plumbers fittings or power tools are orderly and easy to access. Even inventory is less complicated.

Removing the system - Taking the organizer off the truck bed is as easy and fast as installing it. It goes back on the truck in a few minutes. Convenient and lightweight, it is no trouble to use the convenience of it anytime you desire.

The organizer is for the boss who works from his truck, and it is for the shopper that brings home the groceries. Everyone needs one.