Tornado Machine

Tornado Machine
$300.00 on Amazon
A great way to scare your tiny friends is to create an 18-inch tornado inside the American Educational Tornado Demonstration Model. If you don’t have any really tiny friends to scare, you should still think about grabbing this product. It is educational, but more importantly, it is awesome to watch.

Weighing in at just under 10 pounds, the tornado maker is easy to cart around with you in your constant attempt at impressing others and pick up girls. This may be better than walking a puppy through the neighborhood.

The machine comes in a fashionable black color that pairs nicely with any black tuxedo or sports jacket. Some other accessory suggestions include a tornado-themed tie, socks, or lapel pins. For the full tornado-themed evening, plan a trip to the video store for a VHS copy of Twister, a box of milk duds, and some microwave popcorn. Remember, if your microwave turns on when the door is open it may be time to replace that thing.

For teachers, this is the ultimate classroom teaching model. This machine comes with a teaching guide that shows 7 different experiments to try. The product demonstrates why strong updraft is important, shows examples of convergence and rotation, and teaches about funnel speed.

It takes about 10 minutes to assemble, and you do not need dry ice to complete the experiments. You do need to have 2 open outlets; one for the base and one for the fan. The air inside the tornado is cool to the touch and makes it safe and entertaining for kids.

The Tornado Demonstration Model works for an extended period of time on just a little bit of water. You can add dry ice to the machine for a more dense fog, but it isn’t necessary. Kids and adults will revel in the glory of the mighty tornado that you can create indoors.