Wampa Rug

Wampa Rug
$229.99 on Amazon
Quite the catch! This Wampa rug
is something even kids can hug.
Though once a fearsome, nasty beast,
this thing can't hurt you in the least.

It looks fantastic in the den
or in the baby Wampa pen.
If your floor has no room at all,
you can hang it on the wall.

This Star Wars wampa rug has a head and body made of plush, and claws made of vinyl. The wampa's fur is fluffy and soft. You can pet the fur and run your face up and down the spine of the wampa. You can wrap yourself in the rug like a towel. You can play Twister on the wampa rug. You can do whatever you want with the wampa rug, once you buy it!

A User Review For You: "My son is a huge Star Wars fan, just like me, and he made me buy this rug. I know it's not a traditional decoration piece, but, it's an awesome decoration piece. We love coming into the room with the wampa rug. I am very happy I bought it."