Giraffe Salt & Pepper Holder

Giraffe Salt & Pepper Holder
$18.00 on Amazon
Whether you are looking for something functional that can hold your salt and pepper or something adorable that can adorn your table and be a conversation starter, you are sure to be pleased with this giraffe salt and pepper shaker set.

This set comes complete with the salt shaker, the pepper shaker, and the giraffe figurine that holds them. The figurine is sitting as if he is clutching the salt and pepper shaker with his legs crossed. The salt and pepper shaker can be removed which is perfect for if you're having some type of event with a theme that the giraffe doesn't fit.

This giraffe would be perfect for many different types of kitchens. Whether you have a safari theme as decoration for your kitchen, an animal theme, a zoo theme or just an eclectic mix of interesting stuff; you will find this this giraffe salt and pepper shaker set really completes the look of a room.

The giraffe holder is 8.5 inches tall with a width and length of 4.25 inches. It is made of a resin material and painted with a very accurate, realistic looking design. The giraffe is hand painted and polished so you know that a lot of care was taken to ensure that you receive a unique, individual set.

When you buy a product that is hand painted, it is always up for debate how the product will look. Pictures can not do this set justice; it Is painted very vibrant colors. The eyes are the best part; very beautiful and realistic looking. There are no seams to be seen on this product and it feels smooth to the touch.

Some people might expect that this set be made of wood however the premium cold cast resin material is the perfect material for such an object. While it is light weight like a product made of china or porcelain, it is very durable. It doesn't feel like a cheap plastic material, it has a bit of weight to it. Customers can rest assured that this salt and pepper shaker won't tip over too easily and spill contents all over your dining room table.

While of course this product would work well as a gift for someone with a safari themed kitchen or that loves giraffes, it would also be the perfect purchase to give as a hostess gift. You never want to give something too small, it might seem tacky to give money, and you want it to be something that will actually get some use. This would work perfectly as a hostess gift because no matter what the theme of a kitchen, it would fit in as an eclectic addition.

Because animals (especially giraffes) are so popular, you can decorate your entire kitchen or dining room around this set. There are many pieces available that are both decorative and functional that fit into a giraffe or safari theme. You can find wine bottle holders, wall paper, paper towel holders and more all which will fit in with this same theme and accent this piece very well.