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Slushie Creating Mug

Slushie Creating Mug
$11.98 on Amazon
There’s no time for corner stores
on a sweaty summer day
when you’re sitting in your house
just about to melt away.

Instead of such a pilgrimage
for just a little chill,
now you can at any time
get your freezy fill!

These are pretty fun mugs. You keep them in your freezer and when you are ready for a home made slushie, you pull them out, and pour in your beverage of choice. Because the mugs have some secret stuff in the core of the mug, it turns your beverage into a delicious slushie.

The best part is that because no ice is actually used in the making of the slushie, your slushee keeps the strong flavor of the beverage. Pretty darn cool. You may need to buy two of them so that you can always have one in the freezer.

I wonder what a milk slushee is like? How about an orange juice slushee? I'm kind of weird. I want to try different and unusual slushees.

The slushie mug comes in red, blue, and purple. You can choose your color. You will need to hand wash the mug. I'm not sure why? Probably the top secret inner core of the mug. These babies are proudly made in the USA.

A User Review For You: "I seriously am in love with slushies. Therefore, I am in love with this slushie mug. It's pretty fun to be able to turn any liquid into a slushie. I always have the mug core in the freezer. I have learned that it does take a little longer to get a full blown slushie once you pour the liquid in. I'd say anywhere between 20 and 25 minutes. Love this product. I love slushies."

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