Honeywell’s Lyric Thermostat

$239.99 on Amazon
It’s small and it’s smart. It can tell when you’re home or away. It will turn on and turn off your HVAC to save money. It has “fine tune” ability so that when you ask for 70 degrees, you get 70 degrees. It has a mobile application that allows you to monitor home devices while you’re on the move. If it could do laundry, dishes, and greet you with a sexy smile, you could get rid of the old ball and chain, or not.

It measures 7” x 4” x 7.2” and weighs only 10.4 ounces. The Lyric thermostat comes with a wall plate and mounting screws. It’s hardwired so you don’t need batteries, but it can be backed up with batteries in the event that the electrical goes on the fritz—which doesn’t really matter, because your HVAC is electrical and will shut off.

You can have more than one Lyric thermostat connected to your mobile application. It’s smartphone and tablet compatible, so if you don’t have your phone—fat chance, right—you can use your tablet. It can also be setup for timed events so that you’re not constantly checking your phone (because no one does that) to make adjustments.

There is a manual for those who are not rocket scientists and still have trouble programming VHS/DVD recorders. It will, if programmed correctly, make adjustments for humidity and those types of things. It’s round—not square like most thermostats—and has a large display. It is possible that it’s smarter than its owners, in which case, non-scientific owners won’t feel too-bad about having to read instructions. All it needs to be perfect is an optional bath water setting for each member of the household.