Portable Misting Fan

Portable Misting Fan
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Beating the heat has been the goal of many people this season. Long, dry periods without rain have increased the desire for electric fan units that do more than just oscillate air. New misting fans like the Soleus Air Humidibreeze portable system add incredible amounts of relief from the heat.

Misting fans are somewhat foreign to many people, but are inspired by cooling methods used by many. Often, people will lightly spray themselves with cool water when they know they will spend time in the sun. This is an amazingly simple way to mimic the body's natural cooling mechanism. Great quality misting fans can create an environment where everyone can be comfortable using this type of cooling technique.

This portable misting fan is perfect for a small group to find relaxation and comfortable temps indoors and outdoors. It has a unique centrifugal fan design that channels air flows in a precise direction, but adds water vapor to maximize cooling power. A 4 liter reservoir, constantly lifts and distributes a cooling mists over a wide area.

Even during the hottest days, it is possible to be comfortable. Using patented misting technology, this fan can distribute up to 25 gallons of refreshing water vapor each day. Many people stray away from using misting fans because they are worried about excess moisture. With this type of misting fan, water is micronized, and naturally disperses throughout the fan's circular air pattern. What occurs is a localized environment filled with moisture-dense air no matter the surrounding temperature.

People are discovering the power of water-cooled air via portable fan units. There are several real world scenarios where these fans are becoming popular.

First and foremost are places where people gather. This includes backyard BBQs, and dinners. Since this Soleus portable unit is approved for outdoor use, and can be mounted on a stand, it is very useful for making lounging on a deck comfortable. Powerful air currents help keep pests like mosquitoes away, and micro water particulates help every guest stay cool.

Used in concert, this exceptional portable misting fan can keep a crowd cool. As an indoor cooling aid, Soleus misting fans are unmatched. Any club or restaurant can mount several fans in strategic corners of a dance floor, or social area to regulate a large room's atmosphere. Water vapor broadcasted into an area where many people are dancing, moving, socializing, and sweating does wonders for maintaining a comfortable feeling.

Vacationing is also a perfect way to get the most from a misting portable fan. No matter where a travel instinct takes a person, as long as there is a power source, a misting fan will make the venue comfortable. This includes camping spots, hotel rooms, beach bungalows, and parks. It doesn't matter if a person chooses a KOA in the plains, or a motel near Death Valley, a Soleus portable misting fan will help create a comfort zone.

The best part about any Soleus portable misting unit is that its construction can handle all uses. The fan's body is fully enclosed, and the water reservoirs minimize evaporation. This powerful fan truly micronizes water vapor to form particulates that literally float on currents. An adjustable fan setting allows users to control air flow, but still take advantage of the cool humidifying and temperature-controlling properties. The units are compact and light, so they can be set-up and transported by anyone. A misting fan, especially one that is made by Soleus, is a great way to conquer the heat outdoors, and any stuffiness indoors.