Hand Heated Ice Cream Scoop

Hand Heated Ice Cream Scoop
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For everyone who has ever been frustrated beyond belief by the simple action of scooping ice cream out of a carton and placing it into a bowl, there's hope! This Hand Heated Ice Cream Scoop is the perfect tool for all of your ice cream scooping needs. It's like magic! You simply hold the ice cream scoop in your hand, use it to remove the ice cream from the carton, and turn it upside down over your bowl. Immediately, the ice cream releases, sliding straight off of the scoop without melting the ice cream.

How It Works

The premise is so simple that it should have been part of your kitchen years ago! Heat is transferred from the handle to the scoop, making it just warm enough to slide through your ice cream with ease without leaving a melted mess behind. The special coating keeps your ice cream frozen while it's in the scoop, but allows it to fall out without scraping or fighting. What could be better?

Never Sweat a Birthday Party Again

Have you ever spent half of a birthday party standing over the kitchen sink, running hot water over an ice cream scoop in the desperate hope that you'll be able to serve the sweet treat to the kids before the day is over? No more! The Hand Heated Ice Cream Scoop contains no batteries or plugs, nor does it need to be charged. It just keeps right on working, taking care of all your ice cream scooping needs no matter how big the party. Even better, the handle is thick and secure enough that you won't do nearly as much damage to your hand in the process.

An Amazing Summer Barbecue Accessory

What would summer be without ice cream? Unfortunately, ice cream also means sweating over the carton as you struggle to get out enough ice cream for each person--especially if you're serving little ones, who are sure to notice if one sibling gets more ice cream than the others. Now, you have the perfect solution! Your ice cream scoop makes it easier than ever before to dip out even portions for each member of the family. That means that everyone is sure to be happy with the results, leaving you free to spend more time enjoying your party.

Portion Out a Midnight Snack Without the Noise

Have you ever found yourself in the kitchen in the middle of the night, desperately trying not to be heard while you try to wrestle a bowl of ice cream out of an uncooperative carton? You'll never wake up the entire household again--and that means you're much less likely to have to share! No noisy running water, thumping carton, or soft curses as you try to remove the ice cream from the container.

The Hand Heated Ice Cream Scoop is the perfect product for anyone who has ever wanted an effortless way to take their ice cream from carton to dish. It's designed with your ease and convenience in mind. Your only regret over this product will not be ordering two just in case one gets lost in a drawer.