Picnic Backpack

Picnic Backpack
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Why tote around a picnic basket when you can carry the picnic on your back and keep your hands free? Just think of the possibilities for unoccupied hands–riding a bike, picking flowers, gathering sea shells, or holding hands with that particular someone. With a little creativity and a Picnic Backpack you can keep your hands free for any of these possibilities and more!

This canvas backpack is equipped for serving two people. The front compartment contains place settings: plates, forks, spoons, knives, wine glasses, and cotton napkins. In addition, it has a combined corkscrew and bottle opener, spill resistant wooden salt and pepper shakers, a small wood cutting board, and a cheese knife. To keep things lightweight the plates and wine glasses are high quality plastic. Every item is strapped into its own spot to keep it secure even if your bike ride gets a bit rough.

A fleece blanket is included, which fits in a blanket holder on one side. The other side has a detachable wine holder. In the back there is a cooler compartment lined with Thermal Shield Insulation and which closes with a zipper. On the front is a zipper pocket for securing small items, like those sea shells you picked up, and a flat open pocket good for slipping in maps or directions. The adjustable straps are padded at the top for comfortable carrying. All together it measures 15.5” high, 21” wide, and 6.5” deep. Alone it weighs 5 pounds, but your personal touches will add some weight.

However, that is only what it starts with. What you decide to do with it is what makes it special. It can be dressed up – artisan bread, fancy cheese, nice wine. It can go casual – sandwiches, fresh fruit, a thermos of coffee. Slide your own preferred picnic blanket into the holder. Need more than two place settings? Swap out some items – put extra cups in the napkin holders, tuck a napkin in all four cups, add in thinner plates so four will fit, and tuck in whatever extra flatware is needed. Invite along a couple of friends and set out to explore. Get creative and think about what your loved ones will really enjoy.

Once the picnic is ready all that’s needed is a fun destination and a memorable journey. Though not intended for long or rugged hikes, this backpack can go with you on motorcycles, on boats, and of course on foot for shorter distances. Take it to see a sunset, watch a game, or view the stars. It is equally usable listening to an outdoor concert, going cross country in the car, or spending a day at the park. Keep the dishes packed, throw in some food, and it’s ready at a moment’s notice for whatever opportunities life brings around.

So who will you take with you on a picnic and what will you do with your hands free? Go grab a friend, grab a date, grab a child, or grab a parent, then grab a Picnic Backpack and take your picnic to new places!