Medieval Weapons Ice Tray

Medieval Weapons Ice Tray
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To arms! To arms! Our drinks are warm!
We need to cool them off!
We need some swords and shields
Made from this water freezing trough!

We need to arm our soldiers
So they can defeat the warm,
So urgently we need
Some frozen weaponry to form!

This medieval weapons ice tray is made of food safe silicone. There are six different weapon molds. The silicone is flexible to allow easier access to frozen weapons. Consider using this tray for chocolates or other treats.

A Fake User Review For You: "Watch out! The handle of the cross bow is really sharp! You'd think the sword or ax would be, but, they are dull. Look at the mold of the cross bow and you'll see what I am talking about. Overall, I give the medieval weapons ice tray a huge bloody thumbs up!"