9mm Earbuds

9mm Earbuds
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Earbuds make all the difference when bee-bopping to your favorite tunes as you stroll down the street. With spring weather approaching, it's going to be high time to grab your iPod or smart phone and head out for a walk through the park. Having poor quality earbuds that don't provide good quality music and tones makes having an iPod pointless. What is the benefit of having good music if it doesn't sound good with the speakers you use? None! Getting good quality earbuds like the Munitio NINES Tactical Earphones makes all the difference.

These 9mm earbuds have a 1-button universal microphone and exceptional audio transfer due to quality manufacturing. The one thing missing from most headphone contraptions today is authentic bass. As Meghan Trainor says, "It's all about that bass," and it is... these earphones produce accurate bass without distorting the sound quality. This is due to the Bass Enhancing Chamber design feature.

Having good quality earphones allows the volume to remain lower while the sound quality remains high. With lower levels comes lower amounts of hearing loss. Jamming to a good song doesn't require you blasting your eardrums anymore. Hear every note and feel every beat with these 9mm tactical earphones.

Since these earphones have the built-in and easy to use microphone, they can be used on everything from mp3 players to tablets and smartphones. Using them for business as well as pleasure allows the option of a tax deduction possibility! (Just kidding, maybe?) Listening to music has never felt so good as it does when you can do it safely, soundly, and with accurate bass in tact!

These specific earphones are black in color and come with a noise-isolating feature for more private conversations. There is nothing worse than trying to go hands-free and in turn offering your conversation up to the world because the microphone picks up environmental noise. Don't waste your time with dollar store style headphones or earbuds, get quality to hear quality.