LEGO Brick Eraser

LEGO Brick Eraser
$3.99 on Amazon
Face it – you make a lot of mistakes in life. From taking the wrong turn while trying to follow Google Maps directions and ending up on the wrong side of the St. Louis Arch, to marrying the first boy that called you beautiful. With all of the opportunities out there to mess up, it helps if you can rely on one thing to correct everything it says it will. Believe it or not, LEGO has finally created something that you can count on to be there when you screw up.

LEGO brand brick erasers are there when you misspell ‘tong’s in a sign that you created for the deli. When people started licking the pickle jar because you wrote, ‘Please Use Tongues’, LEGO is there for you. Grab your yellow, green, blue, or red eraser and fix that sign once and for all. That kind of loyalty only comes from a quality-made eraser.

Now, if you are only 3 years old and make a mistake while writing your thesis paper with a pencil, you are out of luck. This magnificent product is for ages 4 and up only. I’m afraid you will just have to wait a year to correct your paper. I suppose you could find an older sibling or parent to help you, but that seems like cheating to me.

Picture the scene: You place your order for the LEGO brick erasers, and wait patiently for two days. Finally, the package arrives at your doorstep. You hesitate, mostly because there was a skunk out there last night, but also to take a deep breath. You bring the package inside and delicately open the box. Inside is the answer to all your pencil-written mistakes. The smell of the high quality material is enough to relieve all of your anxious tension. Now, you feel safe.