Guardians Of The Galaxy Groot Mask

Guardians Of The Galaxy Groot Mask
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This "Guardians Of The Galaxy" Groot mask is the ideal costume complement for any person, at least as old as a teenager, who is looking to dress up as the floral colossus with a propensity for using the words "'I, and 'Am' and 'Groot,'" exclusively in that order. If you are not quite sure what you could use this mask for, consider the following suggestions:

-These days, "Guardians" is one of the most popular comics properties around. Because of this popularity and the team nature of the property, costume groups will always need someone to play Groot. Even if you don't have enough friends together for a full compliment of the Guardians, extra credit if you've got someone going as Adam Warlock or Quasar, you can still pull off a great pairing if someone smaller than you is going as Rocket Raccoon.
-If you're somehow not a fan of "Guardians of the Galaxy" or you're more of a fan of Tolkien and his Lord of the Rings books or films, feel free to just "file off the serial numbers" and pose as an Ent or a Huorn, the walking, talking trees of Middle Earth.
-Don the mask as part of a costume for one of the fighting, talking trees from "The Wizard of Oz."
-If you happen to be a big fan of the "Fallout" gaming franchise, this mask could be just the thing if you're looking to pose as Harold at some stage prior to becoming an immobile human tree.
-Are you into more of a Live Action Role Play scenario? This mask would make for a great headpiece with any sort of nonhuman race with natural or arboreal inclinations, such as a male dryad, nymph, or even as a Treant monster.