3D Darth Vader Lamp

3D Darth Vader Lamp
$23.99 on Amazon
The 3D Star Wars Darth Vader LED lamp is a new, cool way to light up any room! It is a plastic uplight that will add an interesting ambiance to any room. It is a great conversational piece and perfect for any and all star wars fanatics!

This 3D lamp is environmentally friendly because it runs on an LED bulb that offers over five hundred thousand hours of light. It is cool, quite and uses zero ultraviolet ray meaning that it poses no danger to yourself, your guests or your home.

The lamp is meant to be used indoors only. It is approximately 7 inches by 3 inches by 10.5 inches. It has a matte finish and is able to light up in many different colors including red, green, and blue. Another very interesting feature is that it can become a strobe light-- perfect for any party or for kids to dance to! It is an absolutely perfect gift for anyone who enjoys Star Wars and who needs a light-- so basically, it's the perfect light for anyone!

The material of the product is engraved into the glass which is how it creates such an interesting glow. The light will shine through the etchings to create the perfect ambiance.

This is not a regular, run of the mill flat 2D lamp. It is literally a 3D piece. There is a light that comes out of the entire thing so you get three hundred and sixty degrees of awesomeness. There are no stickers or paint on it-- it is all etching. There has never been anything done like it before.

It is approximately a pound and a half so it is easy for anyone to lift. It uses a cord which is perfect because then you don't need to worry about plugging it back in. A great thing about the cord is that it isn't too short, so you don't need to be too close to an outlet. It gives you more freedom in your choice of decoration and how you choose to incorporate the lamp in your Star Wars themed room.

This lamp isn't just for personal or bedroom use. It would be perfect to use in a bar, an office, at a club, in a restaurant or just in your bedroom or living room at home. It all depends on what mood you're going for... and if you're going for a Star Wars mode then this lamp is the lamp for you!

A very cool effect that the lamp has is image transfer. Any 2D object that the lamp shines on is instantly turned into a Darth Vader image. It's almost like Medusa... except with an image of Darth Vader instead of gold and an awesome 3D lamp instead of a nasty, snake-haired monster.

Quite possible the most awesome part of this lamp is that the design is changeable. Don't get bored of being stuck with just one piece-- buy a lamp that is made from a changeable acrylic glass sheet and make it whatever you want it to be. What could be more perfect than that?

If you are looking for an interesting decoration, a conversational piece or just simply a way to provide light to a room, then the 3D Darth Vader lamp is certainly for you