Glass Chess And Checker Board Set

Glass Chess And Checker Board Set1
$19.99 on Amazon
The Glass Chess and Checker Board Set is an affordable chess set that you may be interested in purchasing, but there are a few things that you should know about, such as what some of the features are, which are as follows:

Transparent Checkers

If you order this product, then you might be amazed at the checker pieces you get with it. This is because they are frosted and transparent. As for how many pieces you get with the product, you will receive 12 frosted checker pieces and 12 frosted ones.

Complete Set

Perhaps one of the coolest things that this product has going for it is that fact that when you buy it, you will be getting a complete set of chess pieces.

Prevent Damage

Don't worry about whether or not you will cause a lot of damage to the product. The reason why. the board is protected. if you turn the board to the other-side, then you will notice that there are four rubber feet. This not only protects the board, but it protects the surface you place the board on.

Use To Play Or For Decoration

You can order this product and play a game of checkers or chess, but if you don't want to use it for that purpose, then use it as a decoration. The board is glass, the pieces are transparent and the board only measures in at 9.75", while the pawns are 1.125-inches high, and the kings are 2.25 inches high.


This glass chess and checker board set is also affordable, as you can get it for below $25. If you're looking for an affordable chess and checkers set, as well as one that you can use to play or to use as a decoration, then look into getting this specific chess and checker set.