Handgun Ice Tray

Handgun Ice Tray
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Freeze, criminal! You need to chill out a little. Want to add a unique flair to your party drinks? These ice cubes are sure to make your party the place to chill at. Impress your friends with your ice cold firepower! Have a surprise for your guests waiting in their drinks! You can't deliver an ice cold message with those boring old square ice cubes.

Simple to use! Just load up with water, pop in your freezer, and chill your drinks with this cool handgun ice tray. You'll be sure to impress your party guests or send chills down their spines when you're packing heat - the cool way!

Freeze ice cube mobster style with the clever briefcase shaped tray. The handle also makes it easy to carry so you can deliver a chilling message. The tray lets you freeze six handgun ice cubes at a time, so you can lock and load for the whole crew! The tray is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and made out of flexible silicone, making it easy for you to reload quickly. Order two for twice the action, order even more and you'll have yourself the coolest party arsenal in the neighborhood!

This tray is a cool gift for anyone! Give it to your partner in crime, your boss, or one of your coworkers. Anyone with good taste would love to chill with one of these in their drink. These can also make a great conversation piece, and can really help break the ice a little.

Each tray is just the right size and weight. At 5x7x1 inches and 2.9 ounces, you can have room for lots of firepower in your freezer with room to spare.

So don't wait any longer, make your next party pack some heat! Your guests will be sure to have a night they'll remember. They'll keep coming back and stocking up on your arsenal of the coolest drinks around!