Dark Knight Batman Mask

Dark Knight Batman Mask
$27.70 on Amazon
The Dark Knight Batman mask is a great mask to use when you want to dress up like Batman or even use it as part of your own film. I have a fried who ordered this same exact mask so we could do a short film based around Batman and the quality was great. Most masks that come with a Batman suit aren't as good so it is often viable to buy this along side an actual Batman suit.

The mask is very durable and 100% authentic. It's an officially licensed product, so your friends won't think you're lame from getting the off brand anymore! This is fun for not only Halloween but just the who year round. It's good for Batman movie gatherings and will be an essential item to have when the new movie comes out next year.

This is an adult sized product and will fit an adult head. It is made of midnight black vinyl and has amazing facial detailing to put more depth into this product. It covers your whole head and neck with velcro closures at the back of the head, and neck.

Measures 17 inches from the top of the head to the bottom of the front neck's edge. The product is only $19.99 which is a steal of a deal due to the quality of this mask. Just get this, your suit and you're golden. Bring your new look to comic con and show everyone your cosplay of The Dark Night, Batman.