Carbon Fiber Wallet

Carbon Fiber Wallet
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Two buddies stop to get drinks and snacks on their way to a party with friends. As they were standing in line to pay; the tall one with a great build, sexy blond hair, and a perfect bronze tan let his friend know that he had forgotten to bring his wallet from home.

The friend responded-"Again"? "Okay my friend, I'll get it…but you owe me for three times now". He pulled out his wallet and a delicate hand with beautiful pink nails touched his wrist. He turned towards the inviting touch and looked into a pair of beautiful blue eyes.

She smiled and said, "I like your wallet-is that Carbon Fiber"?

He jumped into the truck with a big smile on his face. Looking over at his buddy, who had been waiting impatiently in the truck, he said, "Don't worry about owing me anything". He opened up his wallet and slipped the torn slip of paper inside. "I think this phone number will cover it".

His buddy looked over with a scowl on his perfect, bronze, tanned face and asked, "What kind of wallet is that? I think I need a new one."

His friend began to tell him about his awesome Christmas present, a Carbon Fiber Wallet, which he had never heard of…

First of all, a lot of products that we buy today are made out of the country. I enjoy knowing that the wallet I trust with my most important information has been handmade right here in the good ole USA.

It has room for 3 credit cards and a small ID/folded cash pocket. Which actually you could add a few more little items if necessary, but I find it has plenty of room for what I need to carry.

Some brands are not made with real carbon fiber-this wallet is made with genuine Carbon Fiber which makes a difference in the look, feel, and quality.

This bi-fold wallet is thin & light and fits perfectly in my pocket because it is not as large as the majority. It's very comfortable, even after a long day at the office. You just don't realize that you are sitting on it.

I have had wallets that were flimsy and were easy to scratch up and tear. The texture of my new one feels good; smooth yet solid. It has a beautiful finish with great stitching.

It has RFID credit card protection which makes it a data safe wallet which is very important today due to identity theft.

By carrying this type of wallet I am not tempted to overstuff. My wallet is lean & mean.

The interior is made of a lasting rip stop nylon which works out well because I am in and out of my wallet quite frequently in a day's time.

And last but not least…I love the price. It's a great quality wallet for a reasonable price.

He closed his wallet and slipped it in his pocket, "And it's a great place to keep all my phone numbers from beautiful women".