Kinetic Flow Toy

$15.00 on Amazon
Are you a crazy mathematician? Are you a mad scientist? Maybe your just a regular nine to fiver. Either way this educational toy is equipped for you all. The Kinetic Flow Toy takes every one by surprise when it starts out completely flat like a pancake, than suddenly pops up in to what I call, since I am not a scientist, a cool looking flower. Call it what you want, but the flow toy is definitely a mesmerizing item.

Have you ever taken a basket ball or even just a smaller bounce ball and rolled it from one arm to the other? Doing this actually makes you look pretty talented if you ask me. It also makes it seem like you have good balancing mechanics in your genes. The point is, you can do this trick with this toy. I know, I know, it sounds simple but it really is a fun toy to own.

The toy isn't that large. It actually only has approximately a diameter of five inches. The toy is also completely hand made. That by itself makes it pretty cool and creative.

Be careful the toy is like a delicate flower. Even with this being said, it is still extremely fun and educational in a way to play with. People will surely be surprised each time they see it done. You can be creative with it also. You don't just have to roll it across your arms. Make up some kind of routine with it. Use your legs or start a wave line of people and send it down. To do this, hold hands forming a line of two or more people and try to get the toy to roll down all the way to the end, just a creative idea.

You can show of this item to. It isn't just for home or if your bored at the office. Take it to the circus and show off your skills. Maybe the carnival or a birthday party. Where ever you decide to take it, it is a fun and cool thing to play with and show off.