Lighter Watch

Lighter Watch
$18.76 on Amazon
The company RoKo, has produced something that is truly unique and something that I have never seen or thought of. A watch with a built-in lighter! Wow. This novelty watch is one-of-a-kind.

To my surprise, it is exactly like a normal watch to the naked eye. All of the regular functions of a classy watch are present. Time adjustment, a big hand, a little hand, and the ticker. The watch has a slick design. Quality materials were put into the watch. Clean silver metal and it has a solid leather strap for the wrist, nothing cheap.

But, on the side of the watch is a button which activates the lighter function! This special design comes in great use to those who smoke often or just need a lighter at times. The flame comes out of the top of the watch. Just above the number 12 is a small hole. No, you will not be burning your hand (that worried me too). The flame protrudes out.

With RoKo's watch, people will no longer walk off with your lighters after asking for a light. The lighter watch allows you to also cut down on pocket clutter, since your lighter is on your wrist, of course.

Don't be concerned about the watch being bulky because of the built-in flames. The dimensions are: 10.4" X 0.83" (L x W), which is the watchband size. And the Watchcase size is: 1.73" X 0.59" Dia. x H).

To obtain this new fashion, the watch is only $10.99. Hold on, I'm not sure you read that right. The lighter watch is: $10.99! (Yes, I was shocked too). RoKo offers the watch in white (more of a silver) and black. It sits in a beautiful case. On the case it depicts the lighter of the watch in use. This novelty collectable will be a great gift for a friend or loved one (especially if they lose their lighters). And for the price, it is a must have!