Foam Energy Sword

Foam Energy Sword
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Anyone who has played the game Halo on Xbox, or another console knows about the power of the classic energy sword. This weapon is legendary in the Halo world, and strikes fear into the souls of alien invaders. It's a brilliant weapon created by brilliant game designers, and now can be used at home for role playing and recreating favorite Halo scenes.

It never fails, an energy sword can turn the tide in any Halo combat scenario. The energy sword is the lawgiver, the equalizer, and the secret weapon of all great Halo heroes. Many players often face the devastation that this weapon creates. On-screen soldiers traipse throughout alien landscapes. They fight their way through hand-to-hand melees searching for weapons to turn the tide of battle. One rouge player is left, and he or she is searching for a weapon that will make any future encounters moot. That weapon is the Halo energy sword.

In game play, the reason for this sword's effectiveness is its liquid interaction with the players movements. In a first person perspective, sometimes simplicity is key to triumphing over any enemy in close combat. In gaming lingo, the Halo energy sword delivers punishing hit points, and is just as lethal as the most sophisticated laser gun and bombing arsenal.

This replica Halo Energy Sword is made to look just like the first person perspective sword that is used in the popular game. Two energy blades jut from a wrist grip, and it flows with body motions mimicking the quick slashes and thrusts executed by digital Halo heroes.

This replica Halo Energy Sword is made from an industrial grade foam, but is as rigid as other toys that are made for rough use. Two 29” blades curve around the hand grip and extend to close points. The hand grip itself is also made of foam, but features a wide 13” bar with angles that fit the hand. In an ambidextrous way, this play sword is a perfect gauntlet inspired by the scenarios of the Halo game.

What makes this energy sword replica so attractive is its artistic attention to Halo reality. The foam blades are coated with a shell, and painted to match the color schemes of the game itself. This is an energy blade, so the colors reflect what players of the game routinely see. Each blade is colored with an electric shade of light blue, with white lightening streaks running through the lengths. Just like the game, this replica energy sword provides a feeling of great power. This sword is also symmetrically designed for balance and a β€œreal feel.”

Halloween is coming soon, and this replica energy sword is the perfect addition to a Halo-based costume. All avid players know that the energy sword is the most effective weapon in the Halo game. It is also one of the most attractive and authentic props to a Halo costume. The great thing about this replica sword is that after using it for a cos-play event, it can be displayed as part of a Halo hero collection.