River Jet Tub

River Jet Tub
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If you have yet to own a jet tub you have no idea what you are missing. Every new home that is being built today has at least one of these luxury bathing units installed. It is seldom that you will hear of the person that doesn't fall in love with the warmth and calming sensations these bathtubs can instill on the human body. I do recall one person of the feminine gender remarking that when she got out of the jetted tub she felt like a limp rag, and hated the physical response the entire experience gave her. Oh well, I guess there is no pleasing everyone, but for the vast majority of folks a jetted tub is the ultimate experience of man meeting water.

Trying one out in a swanky hotel room can ruin you for life if all you have to return to is a large hole of some sort that holds water. Just think of it; you and your significant other enjoying the jetted pressure while sipping on a glass of champagne. Perhaps your sense of enjoyment would encompass a few friends enjoying a brew while the days stress is relieved from every fiber of your body. Maybe you are not even sure if this is something you wish to invest in, but believe it or not there are places where you can make an appointment to try one out.

While you are making that decision, allow me to share with you some of the benefits of owning a River jet tub. Aching joints can be reduced significantly by the heat that is generated. The jets that are placed in various places and sizes around the tub are done so for a specific reason. The water will actually work like a masseuse to soothe away the tension that has taken hold of you. Muscle pains and aching backs will soon become a thing of the past. These tubs have a positive effect on arthritis, your cardiovascular health, and has been shown to assist in weight loss which is especially beneficial to the diabetic. The jets will work to increase your heart rate but will not increase blood pressure. In fact, it will actually aid in reducing it. Add to that the transitioning into a night of deep and relaxed slumber.

With all of that going for you, your most difficult decision would be to settle on a 'seat for two' inside the home, or a large model that allows room for four or more friends outside on the deck or patio. Our only suggestion here would be to place the unit in a secluded spot if you happen to enjoy jetting in the buff!

Not only is the number of seats something to be considered but also the comfort of those seats. You will want your neck and headrest to be comfy along with plenty of foot room if the number of toes are to exceed twenty.

Cost is something you will definitely have to take into consideration. Unless you are a pro at this type of thing, there will be a charge for installation. Beyond that there will be necessary chemicals used from time to time to keep your jetted tub spotlessly clean.

These are just a few of the things that need to be decided on when thinking about investing in a River Jet Tub. Covering all the pros, as well as the cons, will enable you to come to a decision that you can live with for many years to come.