Snot Egg Separator

Snot Egg Separator
$14.95 on Amazon
Maybe you like baking but you don't like the stuff
In your local kitchen store 'cause it's not gross enough.

Maybe you like your eggs filtered and drained
Through a ceramic nose handcrafted in Maine.

Next time that you're baking, don't be one of those
Who are stubbornly caking without help of a nose.

This snot egg separator is made by artists in the state of Maine. You may call it Mr. Snot. Please, hand wash the snot egg separator. If you are in the mood for something unusual and whimsical, this could be just the thing!

A User Review For You: "This puppy gave me a huge smile when I unpacked it. This thing is fun and it actually works. I have learned that you can only use one, possibly two, eggs at a time. The thing looks like you can put 3 or 4 eggs in it... and you can, but you shouldn't. You must use one egg at a time with the snot egg separator."