Zombie Apocalypse Cookbook

Zombie Apocalypse Cookbook
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THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE IS UPON US, AND WE NOW FIGHT FOR OUR MEALS. Just kidding, there won't be a dead guy scratching at your window any time soon. But if there was, wouldn't it be useful to know exactly how to sustain yourself? Of course it would!

The Art of Eating through the Zombie Apocalypse: A Cookbook and Culinary Survival Guide was written by professional chef and fellow zombie enthusiast Lauren Wilson. This book is not only filled with mouth-watering recipes, inside of this piece of literary genius you will also find a plethora of instructions. From purifying water and how to harvest rainwater, to strategic ways to maneuver through the remnants and locate food, and even a list of edible bugs and plants and where to find them in the event that you run low on your food supply or are moving stealthily through the woods to make a new camp.

There are a lot of questions that could be brought up here: What about animals? What skills are going to be vital in my survival? How am I supposed to cook my food? All of these can be answered with this cookbook.

Aside from being a cookbook and how-to, this particular book also teaches you key survival skills needed to make it through the long-haul. You will find out how to track animals, what the tracks of the animal will look like (courtesy of the illustrations provided by the artist), how to create traps, create make-shift fishing lines, and more. Illustrations also provide a sturdy backup image for you to be able to identify animals and fish with, and the contents guide you to locating where they are, as well as how to successfully kill and clean them.

If your hunting and fishing skills are on par, you will also need to be able to cook your meat. Luckily, this book includes instructions for building different types of stoves and ovens, and how to use them properly with the limited resources available. Knowing how to make a fire is detrimental, and if you don't already know how to make a fire with limited supplies, there's a small section for teaching you how to do that too.

Over time, once things have settled down from the initial "zpoc" shock, necessities like fresh vegetables are attainable through the various types of gardening and farming taught in this cookbook as well. Whether you need to know the best place to grow your food, or how to make your food last with storage techniques such as canning and pickling, everything you need to know (or were curious about, because aren't we all just a little curious?) about sustaining yourself can be found within the contents.

From a zombie enthusiast perspective, this is an awesome addition to the survival kit, in the sense that you are better prepared for life after the "zpoc". But this cookbook could easily double as a survival guide in any given natural disaster situation as well. The illustrations and narration give this book a humorous vibe while at the same time managing to be completely serious about each step. Perfect for anyone who is a fan of zombies, a fan of trying new recipes, or a fan of building things from scratch.