Secret Money Belt

Secret Money Belt
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Everyone has an opinion when it comes to traveling abroad with money. While you want to make sure you keep yourself safe from robbery, let's be honest: wearing a fanny pack everywhere you go screams tourist...and looks absolutely ridiculous. Sure, it might be a safer way to carry money and valuables around tourist areas, but do you really want to go through the process of wearing one of those un-stylish carriers?

Fortunately there are other options, and the Eagle Creek Travel Gear All-Terrain Money Belt is one example of an alternative option that could end up working much better for you. If you're someone who moves around with belts as part of your style, why not wear a belt that secretly "stashes" your money in a compartment that can only be accessed from the inside of your belt.

That's safe! After all, how are you going to not notice someone walking up to you, putting their hands inside your waistband, and messing with your belt? You'd have to be beyond distracted for that to happen without a hitch!

Having your own secret money belt not only offers an unconventional yet effective way of securing your cash as you travel internationally, but it also adds in some fun. Most of us don't have much chance of being mistaken for Jason Bourne, James Bond, or Michael Westen...or even Sam Axe, for that matter. However for every guy who wanted to be a super spy at some point in his life, having that secret little hideaway in a piece of every day clothing is an added bonus that shouldn't be overlooked.

So what's so great about the Eagle Creek model?

The first thing to note is that this is simply a nice looking black belt, perfect for the everyday outfit or for something a little more outdoors. It looks good, is light, and most important: it doesn't draw unwanted attention or scrutiny for itself.

Another obvious benefit of Eagle Creek's version of this secret money belt for traveling is that the space provided is large enough not just for rolls of dollar bills, but also for rolled up papers (like say a photocopy of your passport or identification card). This makes for a fantastic situation where you can rest easy knowing there is always another copy of the most important documents in case the worst happens. Like the Boy Scout motto says: "Be Prepared!"

Finally, it's worth noting that Eagle Creek is a company that focuses on gear for outdoors and travel. This means they have to create their belts with the understanding that these need to be able to take more of a beating than even just everyday wear and tear. They need to be built for every type of traveler.

The argument over which money belt works best is one that isn't as easy to solve, and while this model might have some detractors (as most do), overall the general reviews online are quite positive. So channel your inner man of mystery and travel with your cash and your papers safely hidden away!