130 Games Arcade Machine

130 Games Arcade Machine
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In the ordinary scheme of things, we cannot travel backwards in time. However, the Arcade Legends 3 video game machine suspends the laws of physics that prohibit time travel, at least a little. If you spent your adolescence or young adult years in any of the thousands of video game arcades that sprang up in the 80s, here is your opportunity to relive your youth, only better. Why better? The 130 most popular arcade games from that time are all in one unit! And you do not need any tokens.

Relive the thrilling challenges and the eye-popping wonder of the early video games that consumed the free time, not to mention the quarters, of an entire generation. Wallow in the nostalgia and the innocence, and play again these charming and jaw-droppingly wonderful games featuring colorful and cartoon-like graphics and jubilant sound tracks.

This arcade unit will be the stellar attraction in any den or family room. Everything old is new again, and there are literally thousands of hours of fun and friendly competition enclosed in a box that is only 25.5'' W x 33.25'' D x 68'' H.

As in the originals, the games are designed for either one or two players. The control panel features joysticks, a track ball and several buttons. To lend verisimilitude, there is a non-operational coin slot in front. As a parental control, the power cord can be completely removed from the box. The suggested retail cost is just over $3775, but isn’t that a small price to pay to revisit your fondest childhood memories and to share them with your children?