R2D2 Screwdriver

R2D2 Screwdriver
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In this corner, weighing in at 4.8 ounces, is your new champion - the R2D2 Screwdriver. Shaped like the real hero of every Star Wars movie, this screwdriver has everything: a standard flat head bit and 2 different size Phillips head bits. You may disagree with that statement about R2D2 being the hero, but I will have no discussion about it.

R2D2 appears in each and every Star Wars movie and, in each one, he saves the day. He links up with the central computer and turns droids off, zaps the bad guys hiding in the shadows, or fixes the places in the hull of the ship that was struck by enemy fire. R2D2 and his somewhat clumsy cohort C3PO are found throughout the Star Wars canon as major parts of each storyline.

The screwdriver here is no different. When you find a loose screw anywhere in the house, you will also find this R2D2 screwdriver handy to help with the tightening. After purchasing this tool, you may never need another tool again in your entire life. Highly adaptive and intuitive, R2 fills the need for most anything.

The base for the screwdriver was created by C3PO as a tribute to his good friend, but was quickly stolen by the galactic empire to use against the separatists. Found in a trash pit on Kamino, the basic design for the screwdriver bits was developed by the Kaminoans and then fabricated in the Lothan mines using forged steel. The rebels knew that the design had been stolen and produced, and they worked hard to stop the product from ending up in the wrong hands. While they lost many lives in the battles that ensured, they emerged victorious. The illegal factories were shut down and the contraband confiscated.

Luke Skywalker personally approved pushing the design and production, using the force to guide them through. No longer supporting the dark side of the force, the screwdrivers are impelled to only do good for the universe. If you need help, and you have a good heard, this screwdriver will handle any task before you.

There are times where the fate of worlds rests upon one single Phillips head screw coming loose. It creates a slight wobble in the force which is the energy that surrounds every living thing in the universe. That wobble creates turbulence that travels to other places and grows in size like a snowball rolling downhill. By the time it reaches Tatooine, it is a sonic wave of hate and fear that could feasibly raise the level of midi-chlorians in a certain unborn boy with no father to speak of. The baby is born into slavery, but soon learns of his place in the world. He feels compelled to cheat death through many life-altering moments sprinkled throughout his training as a jedi. Master Yoda warned of training the boy, but no one listened. Next thing you know he becomes Darth Vader, and the rest is ancient history. And it all started from a tiny loose screw. Had the proper tool been in the proper hand at that time, the universe would have been saved.