Adjustable Hand Exerciser

Adjustable Hand Exerciser
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Whether you are a musician or a person who spends most days sitting at a computer desk, you need to keep your hands strong and flexible. Your fingers, hands and forearms require regular stretching and strengthening exercises so you can accomplish your goals with ease.

Planet Waves has created the Varigrip Adjustable Hand Exerciser so that people like you can perform these routines virtually anywhere. This compact device is quiet and stores easily. While originally designed for those who play guitar, it can benefit those who play other instruments requiring manual dexterity. These exercises could also help those who use a keyboard daily or those recovering from injury.

This fantastic device has four grips with adjustable tension so that each finger gets a good workout. The padded device is comfortable and allows you to focus your exercises for maximum effectiveness. In addition to promoting the strength of each finger, the Varigrip Adjustable Hand Exerciser also improves grip strength for the entire hand.

Using this tool will allow you to build calluses on your fingertips, an absolute must if you play the guitar. Otherwise, you can leave on the covers and focus on strength. You can warm up your fingers prior to a performance and strengthen them daily with this hand exerciser.

No matter what the reasons you need to keep your fingers strong and flexible, this affordable and easy to use device is what you need.