Bulbasaur Planter

Bulbasaur Planter
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Whether you're in the habit of filling your home with products that reflect your geeky side or simply want to choose a whimsical token of your gamer hobbies that will have your geeky guests smiling every time you walk by, the ceramic Bulbasaur Planter is the perfect addition to your home. These little planters are just 11.5 x 8 cm, so they'll fit anywhere in your home or office. Set them in the window and let a few springs of green poke up or use them to decorate a bland, boring office desk: whatever you choose, Bulbasaur will blend right in.

As every Pokemon fan knows, Bulbasaur is a perfect starter Pokemon. He's not high-maintenance, nor will he be unruly and attract undue attention when you have guests. Bulbasaur is content to stand on your desk, shelf, or windowsill, patiently growing the small plans that you've entrusted to his care. This is not a Pokemon that you'll have to go running off to catch; rather, he's content to wait where you left him until you take him down and examine him again.

This particular Bulbasaur is unique: he comes in pale green or white, perfect for any type of decor. The drainage holes on the bottom of the ceramic pot do mean that if you're watering regularly, you might want to have something underneath him to catch the spill and keep water from running across your surface. Give him his own little bed or simply pose him on a dish to catch the water: Bulbasaur is content to let you choose.

Prefer to avoid the water problem altogether? Plant a cactus or another type of plant that can survive on very little water and mist sparingly instead of flooding it regularly. If you're a first-time Bulbasaur owner, you might prefer to take on a plant that's fairly low-maintenance, just like your new friend.

If you're in the market for a new item of decor, the Bulbasaur planter is perfect. Reviewers suggest that the planter is of average quality, with few flaws in the ceramic. You'll need to handle it with care--no letting him wander off the edge of his perch!--but if you care for him, both Bulbasaur and your plants will thrive for a long time to come.

Looking for a gift for the Pokemon fan in your life? This Bulbasaur planter will quickly become beloved. You can add the plant of your choice yourself or let your recipient decide--the choice is yours! For maximum effect, consider planting a "bulb" a little while before you intend to give the gift and let it start to grow; or, include the appropriate plant for your fan to begin the growing process. It only takes a little potting soil and a lot of love for this little Bulbasaur and the plant within it to grow and thrive.

*Disclaimer: no real Bulbasaurs have been captured in the making of these planters. Smashing the ceramic Bulbasaur will not "set him free," but rather will result in shards of ceramic scattered about the floor, which is beneficial to no one.