Shark Knife Sharpener

Shark Knife Sharpener
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The kitchen makes you think about eating--chomping, chewing, nibbling, crunching and gnawing. You may even begin to salivate as you enter the room. Since munching is so much a part of the cooking sphere, why not decorate your kitchen with the ultimate chops? The Propaganda design studio in Thailand presents the "Jaws" knife sharpener in the shape of a great white shark! This novelty item adds a touch of humor (and possibly a sense of trepidation) to your otherwise boring food preparation area.

This "great" white shark is actually pretty tiny. It stands only four and one-half inches tall and measures less than three inches in diameter. The "frightening" jaws are absolutely toothless and look much less threatening than the knives that go into them. The color, nonetheless, is true-to-life. When the plastic shark head gets dirty, it can be easily wiped clean. Although this great white's presence falls short of the terrorizing creature it replicates, its knife sharpening ability is quite satisfactory. As long as the knife isn't exceedingly large, the little gaping mouth hones the steel nicely. This gadget even has a non-slip base so that it remains stationary throughout the sharpening process. It is functional as well as unique.

Perhaps the most pleasant objective of the Great White Shark knife sharpener is to serve as a conversation piece. Your guests will certainly think it is curious if not intriguing. Unless your friends are real stuffed shirts, they will find this clever little device to be a source of fun and entertainment. You may even choose to expand the sea creature theme by adding similar accessories to your decor. Such oddities can be purchased at a reasonable price online as well as from specialty stores. Keep your knives razor-sharp and your sense of humor acute with this small bauble from Propaganda!

Looking for a fun way to sharpen your dull knives? Look no further than these great white shark knife sharpeners! Just run your blade through its toothless mouth and your knife will be ready for action once again. Made of easy to clean white plastic with a non-slip base.