Sky Lantern

Sky Lantern
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Sky Lanterns. Yes like those lanterns that you see in Disney's movie Tangled! The magic and beauty of seeing a sky lantern glowing against the night sky is just as glorious as it seems.

Imagine going to a friends wedding reception and at first you think it's just another average reception. Pretty flowers and well done decorations but nothing really extra special about it. Then you see the bride and groom pull out some white papery lanterns.

They smile and join hands as they light their own lantern, then gently lift their arms and release it into the air. The feeling is unreal as you watch the lantern rise slowly and magnificently in the sky. Soon it is joined by a number of other lanterns floating weightlessly among a blanket of stars. A member of the wedding party soon hands you your own lantern and you raise it up to join the others. You smile as you realize the sight of so many glowing lanterns lighting up the night is truly a magical one.

These lovely lanterns may also be used at festivals, birthday parties, concerts, and more. Some people have used them to propose marriage to their sweetheart, making that time more special than ever. They can be found linked above and come in packages of ten.

Being made of paper they are fairly easy to tear, so caution should be taken when opening and lighting the lanterns. This product weighs about one pound and has dimensions of 15x32x24 inches.

Feel free to draw fun designs or your favorite food on them, magic markers have been said to work quite well. Take care not to press to hard to avoid poking through the paper. Sky Lanterns are just the right thing to make your event go from good to fantastic, magical and unreal!