Baby Spruce Tree Bookcase

Baby Spruce Tree Bookcase
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Books don't grow on trees --
well, they kind of do --
but leafing through some books
has never been more true.

Picking books off of these shelves
like metaphorical pears,
they are much more beautiful
than others, simple and square!

One gift that my mother gave me was the gift to read. At an early age she focused on the alphabet. She taught me the sounds that the letters make. She taught me how to "sound out" words. She loved me enough to teach me how to read.

I hope most children have the same experience as I did. Reading is crucial. Reading unlocks knowledge and knowledge is power. So, if you are a parent, teach your child to read!

If you want to keep your children's books in cute bookcase, look no further. This baby spruce tree bookcase is perfect. I love when form meets function. You place the books on the branches. Perfect!

A User Review For You: "I can't be more pleased with this cute little baby spruce tree bookcase. It is absolutely perfect for the baby's nursery. I like to show a little creative flair in the decorations that I pick. This item fitst that bill perfectly. It's cute, but, it works really well.

The quality of this seems really high. You do screw two anchor screws into the wall. You need to be smart when you do this. Think about getting better anchors than what is provided. Don't put TOO much weight on the shelf. You will love this bookshelf and loads of people will rave about it."