You Are Here T-Shirt

You Are Here T-Shirt
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Knowing your place in the universe is important. Being able to tell people where they are at the moment is of equal importance. The You Are Here T-Shirt accomplishes both of these tasks with 100% cotton comfort. Best of all, the wearer does not have to say a thing. It is all printed on the shirt for the convenience of those who wear and view it.

Every t-shirt should have a message or convey an idea. This one gives location, directions and a quirky sense of spatial humor. If you need an engineer to beam you up, this is the shirt that will help. A quick text on the phone and your spaceship can zoom in and find you. It makes those interstellar trips a breeze when making connections at various spaceports.

Cotton is the perfect material for any t-shirt. It is long lasting, and it is easy to care for when washing and drying. During the warmer months of the years, cotton helps a body to stay cool and comfortable. The printing on the shirt will make the wearer even cooler with its intergalactic locator message.

This novelty t- shirt comes in asphalt black only. It comes in adult men’s sizes. They are small, medium, large, x-large and xx-large. Even with washing, it will keep its shape without a large amount of shrinkage. The cotton used is ring spun, for long wear life and continued comfort and coolness.

This is a perfect gift for that special someone who loves science fiction, or even science. It has a spatial view of the Milky Way Galaxy, and an arrow pointing toward the all important Sol system. It gives the exact location of where a person is, and it provides a look at the big picture of the universe as well as the galaxy right at home.