Wood Colored Power Strip

Wood Colored Power Strip
$15.17 on Amazon
Your phone, your laptop, television,
consoles, and whatever...
Between them, finding space
to plug them in is quite the endeavor.

Let alone that power strip
sticks out against your floor.
With one that matches,
You don't have to worry any more!

The wood colored power strip was created to blend-in with hardwood floors. This surge protector turns 1 power outlet into 6 plugs. The wood colored power strip has a 3 foot grounded cord.

A User Review For You: "I like doing home improvement projects and recently worked on my bedroom. I somehow forgot to install enough outlets for all of my stuff. Whoops. I decided to just try to hide some power strips and when I found these wood colored surge protectors I was pretty happy. They really do hide in plain sight because of their wood matching pattern. They aren't exactly perfect but they are pretty close. They help keep the nice feel of my bedroom. Quite happy to have them!"