Vapor Blaster

Vapor Blaster
$29.99 on Amazon
If aliens and monsters are attacking your place
and you must fight for the human race,
pick up a vortex blaster ray
and be the one to save the day!

This shooter is the thing you need
to make this invasion recede.
It's time to end it once and for all
so you mustn't sit and stall!

This gun can blast vapor smoke a distance of 14 feet. That's impressive. Will the liquid smoke harm anyone? Doubtful, unless they are allergic to smoke. It's possible? I'm sure that allergy does exist.

I think there is an allergy of pretty much everything imaginable. One time, I was watching a show on TLC. They showcased a girl that was allergic to water. Can you imagine that? That would stink.

Anyways, this vapor blaster is pretty awesome. I'm sure the smoke would look neat in a room that had black lights. My son would love to have smoke fights with it.

If you buy this from Amazon, you get the liquid included. The liquid ammunition is water based and is made from non-toxic things. Once you need more, you can buy more. People on Amazon love this vapor blaster and have given it 4/5 stars.

A User Review For You: "I'm so glad I bought this toy. My son needed a cool gift to give his favorite cousin. I thought this gun would be a hit, and it was. I ended up buying one as a gift for my own son, too. He seemed a little jealous of giving this to his cousin. The smoke rings are neat. They really do launch out quite a ways. Fun. Safe. Recommended."

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