Self Defense Money Clip

Self Defense Money Clip
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It's something you hope never happens to you - getting jumped, attacked, robbed, or any other variation while your out somewhere. Sadly, it is something that happens in life. No one is safe. There are some things that you can do to protect yourself from these thieves and attackers, however.

Thieves like to target people when they can quite clearly see that they are carrying some sort of money or valuables on them. A lot of times people walk around holding their money, or their credit cards, or their wallets. This is because people never assume that they are being watched, or that thieves are plotting their next moves while staring them down.

So, therefore a Black Self Defense Money Clip is the perfect solution. With a self defense money clip, you don't ever have to worry about being unarmed should a situation calling for self defense arise. The money clip is the perfect size to be able to comfortably carry around with you anywhere. The clip measures 2 x 2. It's lightweight as well so you don't have to worry about it weighing down your pockets, or wherever you decide to clip it.

Even though the clip is small and lightweight, it still is extremely durable. The aluminum construction and stainless tension helps prevent against any drops or falls that your clip may endure. Also, this clip can survive if you happen to get caught out in the rain or snow. You don't have to worry about it naturally getting damaged. Not just that, but the clip also holds a decent amount of cards and money. Just don't try to over stuff it because then, like anything, problems may arise.

The black finish really helps to give the Self Defense Money Clip that sophisticated look. It'll look nice with whatever outfit you plan on wearing when you have your clip on hand.

So how exactly does it work? Well it fits on your hand, or right in your pocket. The material is so durable that if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to use it, it should be effective in deterring an enemy. Just make sure to throw some force behind your punch while holding the money clip.

Overall, the Self Defense Money Clip is a great product with a great concept behind it. If you don't buy one, you may find yourself in the future looking back on an incident that happened and wishing that you had one. A great thing about the self defense money clip is that it uses that element of surprise. Thieves can normally tell if you have a weapon on you, if you don't they probably won't attack you or they will do so in a different type of way. But, with the self defense money clip, they won't even see your attack back coming. That way you'll be able to startle them more, and get a way with your belongings.

Keeping your money and important cards attached to a weapon is probably one of the best things that you can do.