TARDIS Silicone Mold

TARDIS Silicone Mold
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Want to take your party to the next level and straight out of this world? Break out the Jello TARDIS – that you made - using this two piece, silicon mold! You're guests will be blown away by how much flavor is in that police box. Is Jello not your thing? That’s okay, because you can put your TARDIS in the oven too, and make the coolest cupcakes you ever did see. Who knows, the Doctor might just stop by for a taste (though I’d highly suggest having some fish fingers and custard nearby, just in case he’s recently regenerated).

Flexible and sturdy, it’s perfect for flying around outer space while saving species and rescuing worlds, yet while not in use, it stores easily in a kitchen drawer. But if the Doctor asks about the milk, beware – you may have been turned into a Dalek! Never fear! You’ll just reincarnate and forever be known as the “TARDIS Cake Girl/Guy”.

For you non-Whovians out there who are wondering why you should show any interest in this product, I have a simple answer for you. It is awesome. That is all. If this fantastic box is not your Space-time vehicle of choice? Not a problem! I guarantee you know at least one Whovian you could gift it to, and trust me, they will be forever grateful with both of their hearts.

There are more ways to fill this mold than can be explored in a single life time. Of course there is the basic cupcake for a birthday, or when times get just a little too wibbly-wobbly, there is the simple and easy Jello TARDIS . When the weather gets warm, pull out your blue beverage of choice and chill out with TARDIS popsicles, or fill the mold with water to make cool ice TARDIS ’ for your punch bowl. No punch bowl? No problem. You could always put them on display – people pay a lot of money for ice sculptures.

Oh! I know what I’m going to do! I’m going to cut some lemons into little pieces, throw them in the mold with some water, stick it in the freezer, and when ready, place my new lemon flavored ice TARDIS ’ in a pitcher to share with my Family. If the creative juices aren't flowing, look to your computer, the internet holds the secrets to your TARDIS recipes.

This kitchen accessory is easy to clean (toss it in the dishwasher), easy to use (bake, freeze, or refrigerate), and great for any occasion (The End of the earth party, the Ponds wedding, or the crashing of the titanic). Since each half of the mold holds 1 cup of liquid, it’s a fun, single-serving, sized treat. And remember, to always stay on a Whovians good side, because you never know when the Cyberman are going to attack! And you definitely don’t want your brain sucked from your body and stuck in a robot, it won’t be nearly as pleasant – or as cute – as that tasty TARDIS of yours.