Squishy Minion Night Light

Squishy Minion Night Light
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Many lovable characters have been created in the world of animated movies. One of the most recognizable and loved of these characters are the Minions from the movie "Despicable Me." These lovable little yellow helpers from the film are now available as a squishy night light to help out your own little minions while traversing in the dark.

This nightlight is a battery powered night light that gives off a soft glow to illuminate dark rooms and passages that must be traveled in the middle of the night. Fully portable, this 4.6 x 3.6 x 6 inch helper light only weighs 7.2 ounces and is manageable enough for even the youngest of night time travelers to take with them when they need to move about. This minion’s glow is sure to light the way to the potty, night time snack, or drink of water safely.

The materials that this unique night light is made of are completely free of lead and harmful materials. This is especially beneficial for the users who are still of the age where everything and anything goes into their mouths first. There is a chance of the possibility of smaller children choking on the smaller parts of this light and it is not advised that this product be used by children under the age of three. For those children over the age of three, this portable night light is very durable and can stand up to nearly any activity that an active child has in store for it.

The technology used in the creation of this unique and soft night light utilizes LED lights and advanced capabilities. The LED lights do not generate heat, therefore this night light stays cool when in use and does not pose a fire threat from overheating bulbs and components. The choice of LED technology for this nightlight allows for a strong but soft glow with the minimal amount of energy being used for the operation of the device. This results in a longer battery life and longer usage opportunities. To further extend the life of the batteries this illuminating character light comes with an automatic shut off timer.

Pressing the button in the foot of the minion will activate and turn on the light. When purchased, these night lights are programmed and set in a three second display mode. It is necessary to change this to the ten minute function mode for normal use. This action is as simple as flipping the switch. The batteries can be easily changed if the minion can be extracted from the child's steely grip.

There is also a great number of adult fans of these irresistible minions. The durable product materials allows adults to take this light anywhere including the office. One of these minions on your desk will provide a source of light in the event of a power outage while at work.

Regardless of whether the recipient of this unique and adorable character night light is a child or just young at heart, this night light is definitely the one to choose for lighting up those dark and scary areas in the night.