Underwater MP3 Player

Underwater MP3 Player
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There is nothing more relaxing than a day at the pool, listing to music and just relaxing. It is always a worry that their music source will get wet and be ruined, but the Neptune is a waterproof MP3 player that does not use head phones and can be used underwater. The way it works is by using a revolutionary conduction audio transmission in which transmits the audio though the cheekbones and you will be able to hear it though the inner ear.

There is a good amount of storage also, 4GB, and anyone can enjoy the benefits of the underwater audio. Anyone can listen to music, audio books, and pod casts. This waterproof MP3 player includes a changing cable, which can be used to upload songs on the device. The device includes a three piece design, with two speakers, and an OLED screen, which shows the artist, song, and play status. The Neptune stays secure on the cheekbones and does not interfere with the swimmers movements.

The sound is very clear to be transmitted underwater through the cheekbones. The screen is easy to navigate through and includes many playback features. The device can hold about 1000 songs and the battery lasts over eight hours. Many have asked about corrosion, but the connection pins are gold plated to help prevent corrosion.

This product even received the Reddot Design Award. Swimmers have stated that focusing on their swim and listening to their music is relaxing and helps them focus. They can shut the world out and really focus. Reviewers have even commented on how high the quality of the sound was compared to other MP3's that cannot even be used in water. Swimmers have noted that when swimming the breast stroke this product may be a little difficult to use and have also stated the first generation of this product has improved and fixed many of the glitches.