Solid Color Toilet Paper

Solid Color Toilet Paper
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Whether you're the over-the-top creative type, or you're simply attracted to fun, wow-factor items, solid color toilet paper is just what you've been looking for. Surprisingly, coordinating tissue has been around, and popular since the 1960's. Definitely inventive and original, this clever product is both functional, and amusing. Ideal for either personal use, or as a gift purchase, Renova solid color toilet paper is luxury, right down to it's third ply.

Details A consumer might consider if they would be trading in comfort, and purpose for the paper's aesthetic effect. This is far from the case. Renova has created a durably, soft, absorbent product from pure virgin pulp that is beautifully biodegradable. Available in either 3 or 6 roll packaging, this fantastic toilet paper comes in 9 shades including black, blue, fucsia, red, orange, lime-green, yellow, brown and even purple.


In addition to upgrading a home or business bath area, this colored tissue will always elevate any traditional prankster's arsenal. Imagine waking up to a tree, toilet-papered in brilliant blue or green. There are no limits to the fun that buyers can have with this decorative product. When it comes time to visit the powder-room, this bright toilet paper can also be combined with a separate paper holder, in order to provide guests with options. Classy, and stylish, thanks to this cool product, you really can have it all.

White paper is boringly traditional, and interestingly, frequently lesser quality. Renova, a Portuguese company, takes your business seriously. The company's personal-paper is beyond trendy, yet it combines art with essentials. Using this paper to create an up-scale feel for your space is quite affordable and unique. Rather the paper will be the highlight of a party, or is integrated for everyday use, changing up an everyday staple like toilet paper will keep you going.

Ever get tired of the same old boring toilet paper? Is everything else in your bathroom color-coordinated, except that roll of white tissue? You can now change up the look with this colored toilet paper. It comes in a variety of fun colors, as well as being soft and absorbent. What are you waiting for? Go grab some of this awesome toilet paper.