Colored Tiki Torch Flame

Colored Tiki Torch Flame
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Has your annual Pagan worship on the summer solstice grown tired? Do your fellow worshipers look like they are just going through the motions, instead of actually celebrating?

Do you try your best to throw the best Hawaiian luau, but it just feels bland and unoriginal? Do you want something to really get them in the mood for some fire dancing or walking over hot coals?

Or how about this? Do you ever just look at a fire and think how pretty it is, but wouldn't it be better if it came in more than one color, perhaps a blue or maybe a green. Well, you're in luck, because now you can.

Introducing Lamplight colored flames by Lamplight Farms. The people at Lamplight Farms have taken the time and effort to do everything you've only dreamed about. They have found a way to grow different colored flames, then at the peak of its ripeness, they cull it from the motherflame, force it into a bottle, and rush it to your door.

They come in different flavors, such as blue or green, and for the purists out there they also offer red. Each flame is tucked away neatly in its own separate bottle and waiting to decorate your lawn or Druid center of celebration. (It is not recommended for indoor use, near dry straw, old barns, or mummified remains.)

Each bottle contains 12 Oz of flame, roughly speaking, that is about four hours of flamie goodness. Simply open the bottle, place the bottle in the receptacle of your choosing, chant the words of warding that come with the handy instructions, (this part can be skipped if you are not attempting to summon a neither beast from the dark realm) then light the flame and let the party begin!

Afterward, clean up is a breeze. Extinguish the flame, or let it burn itself out. Then pop the cap back on and place it in the appropriate trash container. Nothing could be easier!