Batman Money Clip

$19.99 on Amazon
Soaring around the sky in a skin-tight spandex suit with only a cape might be beyond our human limits- for now. Just add it to the pile, along with all of the advanced technology we see in movies; such as freeze-rays, laser vision, and invisibility cloaks. What’s a superhero enthusiast to do? Fortunately, there are other ways to satisfy your inner child and fulfill your childhood dreams that are currently available and legal enough to carry around outside out your pants pocket.

Let me introduce you to the Batman money clip; a stylish way to organize the bunched up bills lodged in your wallet or crumpled up in your jeans. This money clip resembles Batman’s battarang in convenient travel-size form. Therefore, you can now have your own personal pretend superhero weapon that doubles as a nifty tool to carry your dough.

Logically, this clever device’s hinge design allows you to flip it open to spread the bat’s wings out flat; and thereby revealing Batman’s trademark sign. While folded closed, the strong magnets on each wing attract and compress the bills of money to keep them in place.

Furthermore, the clip is painted with a durable black matte coating that won’t peel off. Its wingspan is about four inches long and two inches in height.

If you’re already happy with the wallet that you have, but still want to show your geek side, use the Batman clip as a magnet for your fridge.

Do you have kids? Thrill them with this clip next time you hand them over their allowance. Maybe it’ll entice them to save all their dollar bills.

Ultimately, whether you decide to keep this clip for yourself or give as a perfect gag gift, it’s sure to put a smile on someone's face and spark their inner superhero.