Skeleton Lawn Flamingos

Skeleton Lawn Flamingos
$23.47 on Amazon
If you are looking for a really unique outdoor decoration to add to your Halloween ensemble, then the Skeleton Lawn Flamingos might be right up your alley! These fun guys can help you take your Halloween creativity to the next level, because in addition to looking pretty cool just the way they are, they can also be customized to fit into your decoration ideas perfectly.

A Classy Change

The Skeleton Lawn Flamingos made by OTC is a fun way to put a little spin on the appearance of the traditional pink flamingos that we are all accustomed to see poking out of the lawns of most of our Southern relatives!

Offering all of the charm of the traditional lawn flamingos,these little guys also throw in a mix of some modern spunk and a definite Halloween vibe. There are some great qualities that have been added to these lawn flamingos in order to make them perfect for any outdoor Halloween decorating, including:
*Black Bodies with White Skeleton Marking
*Durable Plastic Bodies
*Set of Reliable Metal Ground Stakes
*22" Height
*Package of 2

Lots Of Bang For Your Buck

These scary little flamingos are made of a durable, lightweight plastic and the paint on them lasts well. In addition to already being a great decoration just as they are, they can become even better with just a little after market customization!

Some people have had great success with the addition of a little crafting glow in the dark paint. (Use a paintbrush dipped in the paint to go over the white skeleton markings and the sun will charge it during the day. In the nighttime, it will glow in those spots.) In addition, placing strobe lights on them can really intensify their current look.

These unique little gems are not expensive at all and will last at least a few seasons if taken care of. Some people even grow so fond of them, they choose to leave them as permanent additions to their gardens and other outdoor areas!