USB Cufflinks

USB Cufflinks
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USB cufflinks might seem like an odd idea at first. It brings to mind someone shouting "Hold up honey, I have to recharge my clothing!" But in reality the cufflinks are a brilliant addition to one's wardrobe.

The most unique aspect of the cufflinks is the fact that they're actually digital storage devices. Each of the cufflinks will store up to 2 GB of data. So between the two one will have a total of 4 GB of storage space available. This is roughly equivalent to 1,300 music files. While one wouldn't want to use them as a primary storage device, they're the perfect size for backups or secure storage.

Even better, they really are cufflinks. This isn't a novelty device. It's a pair of stylish and fully functional cufflinks which can also store files from one's computer. Even better, there's no need to charge them. They're ready for use at any time. Just take them off, and plug them into a computer. The cufflinks use standard forms of storage, so there's no need for secondary drivers. Any computer should be able to read or write to the cufflinks. Even mobile devices such as phones running Android will be able to make use of them if the device has a standard USB port.

The ideal use for the cufflinks is within a business setting. People are typically in a rush, and preparing for a presentation can be rather hectic. Imagine the look on people's faces when it appears that you've come unprepared. Only to see you calmly take off a cufflink and plug it into a computer. It's should also be a hit with businessmen due to the security involved. Networked or cloud storage is often a security issue for companies. USB drives are a good alternative, but they're also easy to forget at home. The cufflinks ensure that they'll actually be with you all the time.

Want a classier way to carry work around with you? Try these USB cufflinks! These cufflinks not only look great, but they are actually usable USBs, each containing 2 GB of memory space. These fancy cufflinks make a safe way to carry around information with you wherever and whenever you need it.